Individual Income Tax Preparation

 Individual Income Tax Services including:
- Federal Income Tax Return
- State Income Tax Return
- City Income Taxes (RITA, CCA, individual cities)
- Tax planning
- Estimated Tax payments
- Free electronic filing with return preparation

Business Income Tax Preparation

Business Income Tax Services include:

- Federal Income Tax (1120, 1120S, 1065)
- C Corporations
- S Corporations
- LLC's (Limited Liability Companies)
- Partnerships
- Sole Proprietorships
- City Income Tax
- Sales Tax

Accounting Services

Accounting Services include:
- General Ledger Processing
- Monthly Balance Sheet
- Monthly Income Statement
- Comparative results from month to month and year to year
- Bank Reconciliations
- Business Plans/Loan Proposals

Payroll and Payroll Taxes

Payroll and Payroll Tax Services including:
- Payroll preparation
- Paycheck printing
All payroll taxes prepared including
- Fed/FICA
- State Withheld
- City Withheld
- State Unemployment
- Federal Unemployment
- Workers Compensation
- W-2s